Day Rave Innit?

Believe it or not, our big Bandulu Halloween bonanza got even bigger! We were having a chat with our friends at Dungeon and Colours and came to the realisation that the bass music scene in Sydney doesn’t really get much daytime into night marathon parties, so why not turn Bandulu into just that.

In one of CBDs sickest new little spots, a grimey beautiful laneway behind UTS, we’ll be bringing in the newly upgraded Translate Sound System for a whirl to pump some lovely sub bass in between the skyscrapers.

To bring us through the day and to our ultimate Grime addled destination, we have the infamous Inner West Reggae Disco Machine’s builders and owners, Gonz and Raffi spinning us some dubwise subwise reggae times. On liquid Drum & Bass duties we have Dungeon’s Malo and Sonny Wu, and last but not least, the sportswear clad, kings of Sydney UK Garage, Champain Lyf, Adrian E, Jon Watts and T-Syd.

Entry is $5 on the door if you’ve got a Bandulu ticket so get on that final release HERE

Let’s have a bass music festival! 

 Artwork by: John Dobie

Artwork by: John Dobie

Big Ting x

Words by: Peter Dimou

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