Melbourne-based Arloski serves up his debut release for Big Ting Recordings, a sonic journey marked by lush pads and chromatic splashes of intricate percussion. The A-side ‘Ritmo’ explores the new era of breakbeat-based music, infused with strong acid and dub elements. Track two, ‘Intersekt’, rides the unstoppable wave of autonomic drum & bass music; progressive and driving, whilst echoing traditional melodic liquid sounds. Monako rounds up the EP with a jungle remix of Ritmo, complete with his signature tear-out style. Ritmo/Intersekt solidifies Australia’s place in the global bass music scene, imprinting its own flavour onto an international sound.



  1. Arloski – Ritmo
  2. Arloski – Intersekt
  3. Arloski – Ritmo (Monako Remix)