New Website!

So over the last couple of years we’ve gotten a little bit lazy with our website.. Courtesy of our creative genius in chief, John Dobie Designs, we have a fancy new website!

So with this, we’re planning to be a lot more active. We’ll be updating new products on our store, putting up livestreams on our “TV” tab, and the triumphant return of the BTRMIX series, with some big ones lined up from great local DJs in the coming months.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a crazy time in the world, so all of the tours we had locked in for 2020 and now up in the air. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to bring these artists to you at the end of the year, if not, we’ll back to raving with you all in person in 2021.

Be safe out there, and see you on the livestream,

Big Ting x

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